Restore Your Foot Orthotics and Make Them Look Brand-New

Get the most value out of the money you spent on your custom foot orthotics! My Orthotics is here to provide you with an easier way to keep your worn-out orthotics in tip-top shape. Our refurbishing services can make them seem like new again! 

Why Choose Us

  • Foundations for a Healthy Life

    We specialize in refurbishing or renewing orthotics so they can continue to provide you with reliable foot support. Our team is dedicated to helping improve your health through fully functioning and comfortable orthotics.

  • Compassionate Workmanship

    We understand that custom orthotics provide soothing pain relief and comfort to your feet. This is why we take good care of your old orthotics and do our best to make them look and feel like new again. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, our team ensures that quality service is provided all the time.

  • Experienced Orthotic Professionals

    The refurbishing service we offer involves an efficient process. Our professionals make sure that they use the most advanced tools and materials available. We also carefully follow any specific requests you may have to ensure the superior quality and maximum comfort of the orthotics.

Get in Touch

You can have your orthotics refurbished by our team easily by dropping them off at the post office! For details about the ordering process, feel free to contact us today.