Custom Foot Orthotics Refurbishing Service

There is no need to worry about the usual hassle that comes with having your foot orthotics refurbished because My Orthotics employs a fast and straightforward ordering process. Let our friendly team assist you with the steps you need to do so we can make your custom foot orthotics look and feel like new again.

  • Ordering Process

    • When Payment is received we email you a mail-in label
    • Place your orthotics into any box and attach the label
    • (or pickup a free Priority Mail Box at the post office)
    • Drop off the box at the post office or give to your mailman
    • Upon receiving your order we immediately begin the refurbishing process
    • The process can take up to a week in-house time

Refurbish Your Orthotics

Price: $150.00

New Service Available Duplicate Your Existing Orthotics

Price: $320.00

Additional Reminders

Please note that if there is physical breakage, the orthotic may not be repairable. Older styles are especially subject to breaking and cracking. Due to being subjective, the orthotics’ physical condition will be evaluated accordingly. You will be contacted to go over any physical damage that needs to be addressed. There may be an additional charge for severe damage.